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I know we talked about, announced it even! But unfortunately it's not going to happen in 2017. As any of you know who have put on events... it's really easy to attend events and much much harder to actually organize and pull them off! Here's why KB4C decided to hold off on putting on a Kiteboard 4 Cancer in San Francisco....

Kiteboard 4 Cancer Hood River has built an organization and incredible programming that services hundreds of young adult cancer survivors each year. The mission: To enrich the lives of young survivors through community and the outdoors as a way to move forward after cancer.

Focused on carrying out this mission, our board and staff went through a rigorous strategic planning series this winter to prioritize our goals and objectives for the years ahead. As a non profit organization, we have to carefully balance our resources between programming and fundraising events. Anyone who has been on a non profit board can relate!

On the programming side, we’ve seen increased interest in our survivorship programs in the Bay area and an opportunity for us to help provide resources where there are few. This was an amazing revelation for us! 

This made it super clear to us that we needed to shift our focus in San Francisco from an event to the work we do.

With that said, 2017 is not going to be our year for a SF KB4C. Instead, we are aiming to add two cancer survivorship programs in San Francisco for young survivors. One is This is Life, a workshop retreat to help young survivors build a toolkit for navigating life after cancer.  The other is Kite it Out, a one-day event revolved around flying kites, designed to give young adult cancer survivors respite from daily life with, and after, cancer.

With a growing number of applicant survivors in the SF community, we felt the need to conduct programming first before a kiteboarding fundraiser. The community aspect is big for us. This means reaching out to local partners to help us achieve impact and expand the work we do to a community that needs it. That said, we are really excited to be kicking off these programs in 2017! Read about these details here

I trust people will understand that we want to be truly authentic about what we do, and this is what we do.  We would love for the community to be a part of the work we do in the bay area through volunteering and support of the programs.  It's not as 'sexy' as being part of a big event, but it is the purpose behind doing an event.

Kiteboard 4 Cancer Hood River will continue to run here in the Gorge, as it has been for the last 10 years:  

July 14-16, 2017

As always, I appreciate community input and contributions to make KB4C successful wherever that is! Feel free to reach out anytime. If you have time to give, consider volunteering here:

Tonia Farman
Event Director, Kiteboard 4 Cancer
Executive Director, Athletes 4 Cancer