Notice of Race: Race details, course, info and FAQs



Hood River Event Site, Hood River Oregon

11th annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer Kiteboarding Endurance Derby

KB4C 6 Hour Kiteboard Endurance Derby

This is the main event! Same format as recent years. Riders will make laps for 6 hours around a 4 buoy course including upwind and downwind legs. Riders will be counted on total laps completed, by human lap counters as they round the most downwind buoy- in front of event site spectators. This race is open to kiters on all types of boards EXCEPT HYDROFOILS, which will race a separate course.

NEW For 2017!!  -3 Hour Hydrofoil  Kiteboard Endurance Derby

We will host a separate 3 hour kiteboard  hydrofoil endurance derby.  This race will follow the format for the main endurance derby- with hydrofoil kiters  rounding a  separate (upwind and south of main event) 3 buoy course with riders being counted total laps completed by human lap counters positioned on shore.  Hydrofoil race will start 1 hour after Kite Derby Mass start (11am) and run for 3 hours.

Event Schedule:

*All times based on contestable wind Saturday 7/15. If wind is not contestable Saturday, schedule will apply to Sunday 7/16

  • 7:00-9:00am:  Onsite Athlete Registration- Registration Tent

  • 8:00- 9:30am:  Athlete rigging- pump your kites, rig and prepare to ride!

  • 9:30-9:45am: RIDERS MEETING- ALL KITE DERBY AND FOIL RIDERS - Front of Announcers Tower

  • 10:00am : Launching kites- moving towards start line

  • 10:30am: 6 Hour KITE DERBY START

  • (Derby will start as close to 10:30 as possible. Riders need to be upwind of  red buoy prior to this time)



  • 5:30Pm : 6 Hour Kite DERBY Finish*

  • (*actual finish exactly 6 hours from actual start time)


KITE DERBY RACE START will be a mass start with race start boat drawing a line with boat wake from north to south- originating from RED LIQUID FORCE BUOY outside/northern buoy with riders racing straight towards event site counting buoy.

Riders all need to stage UPWIIND of northern RED LIQUID FORCE BUOY outside

Riders may start by passing BEHIND start boat and crossing boat wake.

Foil Derby riders may participate in Kite Derby Mass start if wearing event jersey and riding non hydrofoil kiteboard (ie surfboard or twintip) After start, please do not complete the first lap at counter buoy, rather come in downwind of event site buoy to change to hydrofoil and stage for hydrofoil start.

This is an endurance race- not a sprint- SAFETY is key! Respect other riders for a safe start.

HYDROFOIL DERBY RACE START will be a mass start with race boat drawing line with boat wake, driving from north to southwest from northern-most buoy on hydrofoil track. Hydrofoil kiters will stage upwind of northern most (channel) buoy similar to kite derby start and head south west upwind to high mark near city park beach.

FLAG Starting Sequence for MAIN DERBY COURSE: 

 FAQ- Kite derby

  • Kite derby will run 6 hours from official mass start time.
  • Kite change- can be done on land, with land and launch, or exchanged by team or caddy DOWNWIND of counter buoy/race track


  • Teams will pass team jersey between riders to be counted for laps.

  • Team jerseys can be switched in water or on land.

  • Teams must complete lap to be counted, then ride in to change and start new rider on track course

FAQ- Hydrofoil Kite Derby

  • Hydrofoilers will ride separate course for a 3 hour derby

  • Hydrofoil Derby will start on time at 11:30am regardless of official kite derby start time.

  • In the case of light wind at rider meeting,- times will switch with hydrofoil derby starting @ 10:30 am!

  • Hydrofoilers must remain out of the way of kite derby, and MUST YIELD in any instance of possible encounter.

  • Hydrofoil riders should remain out of kite derby track at all times and must ‘go wide’ outside/north of riders in kite derby while working upwind to Hydrofoil track start or to re-enter foil derby after rest, gear change, etc.


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