The Cause

Funds raised at Kiteboard 4 Cancer benefit three programs that came out of the first Kiteboard 4 Cancer in 2007: Camp Koru, This is Life, and Kite it Out. We believe that every survivor should have access to the healing powers that the outdoors offer, and are proud to have these programs as Kiteboard 4 Cancer’s beneficiary. Read on.

Camp Koru is an outdoor adventure-therapy program for young adults with cancer.  Camp Koru creates life-changing experiences for young fighters and survivors through outdoor adventure programs that challenge, support, and inspire individuals to rebuild their lives after cancer.

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This is Life Workshop Programs

This is Life was started after realizing that not everyone can drop their life for a week at Camp Koru. Many young adult survivors have families, careers, and health demands that don't allow them attend a week away from daily life for themselves. This is Life is a 3-day workshop series for individuals to gain skills and knowledge in many areas of life after cancer, with the takeaway of a toolkit that will help with it all!

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Kite it Out!

New in 2018, Kite it Out is a simple concept: Take young survivors out for a day of empowerment and release in mother nature as a respite from daily life with, and after cancer. Flying kites is incredibly exhilarating, calming, and meditative. It also serves as the foundation of our organization since it was Kiteboard 4 Cancer after all that started all of our programs!

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